a Hot DVD Package

I like people who like music

After work, I went to a Christmas soirée up in Columbus for pizza, glühwein, and a gift exchange with the marketing department. It was fun.

I had only gotten my recipient’s name on Monday, so I made excellent use of their color-laser printer to make a CD-cover for an iTunes gift certificate after lunch. I threw in 600 megabytes of MP3 albums she didn’t have on her hard drive.

iTunes sharing is pretty dang nifty I must say.

Playlistism is rampant. I’ve determined the fulfillment department is on bad drugs.

Anyway, my gift from (the bobblehead collecting) Alex, was DVD sized. She played up on this blatant clue with a custom wrap-job (featured partially above). The photo of shirts and jeans is My Morning Jacket. The DVD inside? The Work of Director Michel Gondry.

I made reference to this group and DVD in brief conversations we have between dragging and clicking.

Damn she’s a good listener, and the custom giftwrap made it all the awesomer.