A day with Art

Contributing to the kids section

Art came into town and we spent the day going to museums and enjoying the fine 60 degree weather avoiding the stadiums and Bengals’ loss to Cleveland.

The Contemporary Arts Center is all different now with new exhibits. None of the cool things from the opening are there any longer (no more manequins in orange jumpsuits). Such is the transient nature of these spaces. Sadly, the current works just don’t suit the venue well (or, vice versa).

Anyways, there was some (not much) fun stuff scattered about. I laughed when I saw the “Go Fags” pennant hidden in the ‘Art in Politics’ exhibition.

Since I couldn’t take photos in the gallery, I decided to create a knockoff in the kids exploration area upstairs. They have all these paints, markers, construction paper, glue and whatnot lying about ready to be used. They encourage visitors to make something and add it to the wall.

I wonder how long my masterpiece will stick around.