My favorite REM t-shirt, Monster Tour 1995

Pizza came to the door after ordering online. Actually, I ordered spaghetti. This holds nothing to the meal my mom made last night, which I savored with my Grandma and brother. Honey butter makes everything better, especially baked sweet potatoes.

Today I got back from Columbus in time to throw some laundry in the wash and figure out what to pack. I’ve been doing some laundry over the past week or so, and in the midst I have found a next project…

I keep some things orderly over the years: CDs (Heather, I want the ones you borrowed BACK in one piece), Books, Videogames, Photos and T-shirts. While going through my shirts, I lamented that some needed to be retired before they dissipate. I have a chest full of old tees that I’ve protected over the years. I was reminded of this while chatting with Mr. BearsGoneWild about our favorites.

I’ve decided to take photos of all of them, archive them digitally, then arrange them onscreen to come up with a pattern for a quilt or wall-hanging. This will take some research for execution, but may very well be a great winter hobby.

I suppose Macramé will have to wait a while.