Europe: Day 8 – Glühwein

The Christmas Market at the foot of the Cathedral

I took today to explore the city on my own while the other fellas went to the sauna. There was cautious tones that there may be long lines and I have that standing-in-long-lines disorder.

So off on a merry way, I found Glühwein at the Christmas market was a great way to follow a wurst with kicky mustard to warm up the day. I wandered around, doing some shopping for the holidays, and stumbled upon the Römisch-Germanisches Museum, outlined in our travel memo as a good place to visit.

It was. I enjoyed the type of course, and peering closely at the artifacts within.

That night, while everyone else was tuckered, I went out to the disco.

There was a staggering amount of people, and I couldn’t finish my beer fast enough to get back to the hotel. Whereupon I nursed a tasty Czech Budweiser and went to bed.