The factory out in the woods

Perhaps one of my favorite paintings

A roadtrip some 40 miles into Kentucky began the day. A carload of us went south to tour the digs of a mutual professional friend. A Loft/Studio/Warehouse/Farm nested on 300 acres I do believe.

A plain looking aluminum structure from the outside, it opens to reveal a two story space divided between studio and personal areas. A mix of industrial antiques and modern touches.

A haven for design and art. Sensibility oozing in the details. Vaulted ceilings, concrete floors, a catwalk, really really really tall doors. The things so carefully laid out. The ancient calculator on the classic metal desk. The lightable set in the thick wooden slab. The mixture of analog papers and devices overpowering the flat screened computers.

I dug it.

Best of all though, the visionary behind this place, who had been planning it for years, hung one of his mother’s paintings in his office. I’d seen it before, but every time I just get a kick out of it.

It’s this blend of old and new, like the space he has created. And like the studio, executed with a keen sense of what to leave out.