Once again, I’m reminded I need to be thrown in a home

The new color of caution

I went to visit Tiny Tina to get my beard whacked and back-of-my-neck fur shaved. I always get some bit of knowledge when I visit my barber in Kentucky. Today, as I grabbed a handful of beard trimmings I said, "Whoa, look at all that gray!"

"That’s not gray dear, that’s silver." Tina replied.

"What’s the difference?" I asked.

"You get gray hair when you get old. Silver comes from experience and wisdom."

I think I’m getting old though. As I drove back from the barber shop, I spied one of those new traffic signs a few blocks down. I like to think I am an open minded and progressive person, but the day-glo… it irks me.

Thing is, I understand the usability that likely fueled this change. These signs are inherently more visible. They just "stick out" more.

I liked the yellow-orange they were before. At least this was a color that nature could reproduce. Now I fret the lines in the roads will take on this new hue. Construction worker’s hats will get all fluorescent.

Another part of me is wondering about all this resistance I have to change. Where did this come from? When was the imprint made? Will the music kids listen to start to grate on me? Like polyester pants, will my wardrobe be limited to the grunge of my college days?

I’m getting old. It’s true.

I’m going out tomorrow to get those wrap-around safety shades. That’ll take the edge off, I know.