I babysat

Tubs are fun

Simon and Garfunkel played in Columbus last night. My friends went with a bunch of family and left me with their daughter for a few hours. My first babysitting stint, ALONE.

Who was more scared at this prospect, I’m not sure.

An unfamiliar place + plus and unfamiliar face could have spelled disaster, but it didn’t.

There were a few moments after the bottle was finished of outright screamfest, and try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to satiate the little chick. As I invested every shred of attention to finding someway to ease her, I realized, even when you give 100%, it’s not always enough.

Later in the evening, after a good piece of sleep, she again arose with some powerful cries. I tried soothing her in the portable crib, but ended up finding some rocking chair action was in order. She quieted down and became unusually alert. Looking to the light creeping in from the venetian blinds, then to the quiet and dimly lit living room. She looked back and forth, over and over.

It wasn’t a scared look, but lucid and attentive.

Gonna be interesting when she puts words out there. Wondering what goes on in that noggin is pretty darn entertaining though.