I don’t want a friggin Segway™

And I don’t want women’s tennis shoes, or a gold box, or …

So there I am, doing some “research” trying to remember some tabbed navigation I saw wayback when…

Amazon used to be such the paradigm of good interface. Their tabbed navigation has been ripped off more than Michael Jackson’s Beat It” Jacket.

I suppose with the integration of everything and the kitchen sink, complexity would be de-facto.

I beg to differ. It’s not the sheer volume and variety of products that makes the site fail now, it’s the plethora of marketing that I can’t defend. I don’t want to know what’s in my Gold Box and I don’t want a fucking Segway cluttering up my mind on EVERY FRICKIN PAGE as I try and find out what band sounds like Grandaddy. And if I feel good about myself, maybe I’ll buy something.

I don’t need a search form for Google, even though I’m sure “they” want to know what I’m searching for. I don’t want a nickel in my Amazon account. I don’t want to make money with paid placements. And most of all, I don’t want the navigation I use at the bottom of every page to be displaced by the Bottom of the Page™ Deals. Oh, I’m sure there’s a patent on that atrocity.

At the very least Amazon, gimme some preferences to turn all this crap off.

I don’t even know if my rant can balance out the screenshot to the right, it’s so frickin long. And look at that deadspace.


(insert sniffling sounds)

The one saving grace: The Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine was a joy to stumble upon. In doing research online, I lamented not having “grabs” of websites long since gone. I actually have a half gig on my drive of screenshots I’ve taken, but this is better. It’s not bug free, and it’s slower than molasses.