This porridge is just right

We dressed up the ashtray with playdoh and called her Lil’ Pea

I left KC and it was blurry and too quick.

The road to St Louis was congested.

I got to the office of the 3 bears and we high-tailed it to free shirtless shots at the bar.

We went off the suburbs and i relished their new home, complete with spare bedrooms and central air and a dishwasher and great Brady architecture and space galore.

Beautiful empty unfurnished S P A C E.

We hung out most of the evening just shooting shit.

We ate Dominos Pizza and boneless chicken wings.

We played WarioWorld.

We got out Playdoh®.

We talked about the Amish.

Home is just around the corner, and I am dedicating myself to get there Sunday.

Chick-fil-a will be closed.