Salt Lake City to Denver

Leaving Utah

The drive through the mountains from Utah to Wyoming was pretty dang easy. The mountains, though steep, were not very curvy. Nice gradual roads.

Once in Wyoming, the skies opened up to beautiful blues and wonderful clouds. Dang, I really enjoy going through this state. If I had something solid there, I’d move in a heartbeat.

I took a smaller road from Laramie to Ft Collins, Colorado and lamented not having contact information for Sarah who I hung out with back in Lander.

I headed down to Denver down the horribly paved 1-25.

Headed out to the Wrangler that night and happened to run into fellers from the rodeo and played darts all night. I wasn’t that bad.

I actually found myself enjoying darts. Nutty. The elevation or something was giving me a slight headache and I left before midnight.

Another long ass day on the road.