Land of Lincoln

Windshield artifacts

(Insert backup sound – as I backpost some of the missing days from the journey)

I saw the three bears off and started my way toward the middle of Illinois: my last stop before heading home. I met up with Mike and we headed off to Panera for some vittles.

Hadn’t had Panera for two months and I was happy to go, sad to see it wasn’t potato soup day.

After a brief stint at Best Buy and being fooled by the microcassette vs. regular sized cassette recorders, we headed out. While he played barber, I got my vehicle in order. Things were strewn about and the trashbag was full.

Burned another CD of country tunes I had given away while in Calgary. That provided the soundtrack as we headed to the Illinois State Fair with perfect weather. I love fairs.

The smell of funnel cakes and other deep fried goodies mixes up with the tinge of animals on the outskirts.

I got a Lemon-Orange Shakeup which, albeit a simple concoction loaded with sugar, was tasty.

People watching was in full effect as the muffled beats and crowd roar from the Kenny Chesney show seeped out from the big grandstand.

There were hot tub vendors.

Lots of rides with neato lights.

Really bad t-shirt shops.

Pork Chops on a stick.

A cow from the CowParade stood at the lottery booth.

After the fair, managed to snag the above photo while tooling around town.