I am an idiot

Searching for Service

So there I was in Best Buy, helping Art pick out his first computer. We found a Compaq on sale, went with the CRT monitor to save some bucks and jumped through all the hoops with the salesman about service contracts (no thanks) and free net service (argh, the options)…

As I was leaving, I stopped by the digital phone counter and a saleslady came up to me and asked if I had any questions about digital service. I pulled out the Sprint PCS coverage maps and said, why yes, I do have a question. Pointing to the light green area that covered the nation I said, “See all this light green? My phone doesn’t work there at all.”

This is about, oh, 95% of the country.

“Do you have roaming activated?” She asked.


I worked with Sprint PCS for years. You think I would’ve gone at some point to the menu that said ROAMING to see that I had “Digital Only” activated.

I’ve done two trips across the country, one last October and this one. Each time, I cursed Sprint for not having service, even analog on the journey.

We switched to let the phone roam automatically right there in Best Buy. The lady was happy to help, and I was happy to be helped.

Gimme a bib and throw me in a home now.