Damn CRV muckin with a potentially timeless dated photo

I hate working on Mondays,
but I gotta like, um, make money.

So when I got home last week, I had electric,
but my phone got shut off.

I called the evil stepchild of MaBell all got it turned back on,
but it will take at least a week to get DSL back in order.

I am now online using dialup, and the speed isn’t bad.
but I hate being tethered to the wall.

It’s fucking humid here,
but the grass is green and everything is lush.

I saw Freddy vs. Jason this weekend and it was kinda funny,
there are no buts, it was kinda funny.

My truck needs new tires,
but my lease runs out in a few months so I am wondering if I can manage without em.

I’d like to drive around in a musclecar, like the one I saw on the way to work today,
but I think I’d look like I was compensating.