Trannyshack, Lone Star and a whole lot more

Crowd surfin to Nina Hagen
Photo courtesy of Bearzbub

Art and I headed out after briefly settling in and hit the Castro. First time I’ve ever really walked down that area. It was colorful. Spent way too much money on a t-shirt, then headed over to the Edge for happy hour and met up with Victor. Ate a perfectly bland turkey dinner at the Cove Cafe (if there is a next time, I am getting breakfast).

Went back to the hotel and killed some time, then headed out to the South of Market area to check out bars and whatnot. I’ve been to SF many times, but never stepped foot in the Lone Star. For being the epicenter of the bear movement, it was a nice to strip away the pretense and see it for the fine, simple, (smallish) bar that it is.

Bearzbub showed up and we headed off to The Stud for Trannyshack. It was a tribute to Nina Hagen night. As drag goes, it was a bit darker and more interesting. The place was super packed, but luckily we found a nice spot by the stage against a wall.

For day one of the City, packed a lot in.