Hiway 1

Kicking back at the mini-cabin

Lunch at the Point Arena Bar and Grill was tasty. Fresh salmon burgers and slices of avocado. How left coast.

Hiway 1 is certainly a twisty sumbitch. Pretty though. Lucky again there was very little fog. It went along faster than we thought though, and we ended up in Guerneville ahead of schedule. We had some marathon days prior, so kicking back in the town that hosted the Lazy Bear weekend seemed like a good idea.

Beer sounded good. Art ran into some previous residents of Kansas City at the Rainbow Cattle Company. Small world.

We nursed a few and easily found a cabin free at Fifes. It was real quiet there, surrounded by Redwoods without TV. The pool was closed. Hmmm, I suppose 4000+ folks cramming around it with lots of sunscreen and body hair warrants a thorough cleaning.