hello Kitty

Chow Chow (speeding Italian scooter) Ciao!

I woke up to the sounds of Kitty moaning.

I didn’t want to get outta the bed for a moment, a bed that is unlike any bed I’ve slept on. It’s like a big slab of some o’ that memory foam (i think ?!)that provides extra support in key areas. I think 80% of my weight is in the middle, resting on my child birthing hips. This may be a good thing, since my yoga teacher says our “center” is in that region.

Turns out, Kitty had her stuffed pig and could moan with it in her mouth.

I arrived at the Bear Marmot Chalet early last evening and sat in the tree covered driveway shielding myself from the “dry heat.” I picked up a new limited brew from the New Belgium Brewing Company called “Loft.”

This may very well beat out Fat Tire.

Dan arrived a few minutes later and gave me the tour of the place. Chris sneaked in not too long after. Dinner was followed by a raid on the media library, which, after a few spins of random music turned into a nice evening of laughing til it was near painful by the comic stylings of a British comedian.

Today the weather is mighty fine. I can lounge around with wireless net access inside and out.

Kitty is wandering the grounds, looking at rabbits and birds.