CA in the rearview mirror


I slept soundly in San Jose. At some point one of ‘s kitties checked me out as the cool breeze came through the window. The cat got bored and let me catch up on some snoozing after good spirits and a full tummy at the Aqui Cal-Mex Grill.

Cal-Mex? *shrug* I don’t question these things if it tastes good.

Morning came, gave a long overdue hug after too many handshakes and headed east, er, south, er north.

Something like that.

I wound up in Yosemite in time for a fantastic bout of rain. Heck, it was a thunderstorm. So different than the slight misting and brief rain of Seattle, the fog of San Francisco, and the dryness of most everywhere else in Cali.

I took a break by a stream and just listened the the rain and thunder.

I zipped through the park. I’ll be honest, I need a time-out from National Parks. Too many tourists. I get my panties in a bunch when folks zip up behind me going at (or over) the speed limit.

I like to take my time, and I think there’s neato stuff all around. Sure I like a sign that says Vista Point 1/4 mile ahead, but lots of good things aren’t clearly marked off or on the beaten path.

Exiting on Tioga Pass (nods to Marmot and Sinnabor for that tip) was great. Very impressive road and Mono Lake was getting all this light from the edge of the storm clouds, quite beautiful.

I drove and tuckered out here in Carson City, Nevada. California is now just behind me and I feel a bit sad that it didn’t last long enough. Gosh, with all those apartments available in “the City” there is a slight compelling question lingering in my head – Could I ever live there? Sure I could, but I dunno…

I’m ready to go home, and hopefully the humidity isn’t so oppressive right now.

Also of note: Bob Hope news has subsided, now it’s all gay on tv. I can’t wait to not have TV.