Some days, are ravioli days

Mmmmm, partially hydrogenated oils…

Garbage day: All spoilt and suspect food expunged from the fridge at home. Wastepaper baskets emptied at the studio and taken to curb.

Organized my desk into piles and labeled them with post-it notes.

Followed up countless emails and even shared some workload.

Apart from that, it was, yet again, hedging on drizzly – heavy with humidity – shy sun peekin out here and there – kinda day.

The tinges of a roadtrip color today.

It was also a ravioli day.

Tangent: P h o t o g r a p h s

I’ve mentioned it in some replies, but yeh, I’m a tryin to augment my journal with some visual record. Be it daily, or whenever I get around to updating this thing.

I began peppering these pages with images, oh, ’round April 1st.

I toyed with widths and a visual language to help tie together the huge variation, in both composition and tone. I am not a photographer, but I enjoy cropping.

A few years back, I started getting into taking photos when I decided that working all the time sucked. I also lamented that I didn’t have many pictures in my house, of friends, family or myself.

Dave read a Maxim article once that said, in order to look more attractive to people, make sure you have pictures around your bachelor pad (Actually, I think the article was, “How to get Women in your Bed”). That way, they think you are liked. It takes off that psychotic edge.

Also sad to note: I did the hippy thing once. Long hair indeed. There’s but one grainy photo in existence that captured that mistake. I do not possess it.

Then the Mavica came out. Digital! Floppies! Yay. I became the annoying guy. I felt like I traveled more (even though i simply forgot less. I loved that camera. Hate the resolution in hindsight.

Then I got a Canon Elph APS, likely, my favorite camera. I loved its size, simplicity and quality photos.

Yada yada yada, fast forward to today, where I tote this honkin Sony CyberShot with a Zeiss lens around. I like it much, and I’ve lots to learn yet about all the features.

So here I am, seeing how long this phase will last.

I knew there would be “off” days.

Like the days when I find that the most interesting thing I can record is the Chef Boyardee product bubblin on the stove.