Mmmmm, food.

So I stayed at home most of yesterday, avoiding solids and nursing an intense abdominal pain that started prior to the wedding. No over-the-counter remedy would provide any of the advertised “fast acting relief” and I didn’t think they would.

It was good day to be fetal, another gray rainy day. By evening, I was bored as heck without any cable or tv antennae and food was beginning to sound good. I righted myself enough to make it to the videostore and picked up some toss-off new releases.

Today I woke up and wondered, hmmm, I think I feel better. In fact, I felt so much better that I wanted to eat.


I had a hankerin for eggs and bacon, toast, dry toast, oatmeal, and 7up.

The greasy spoon I frequent was closed, but I thought I could get a leg up and return the movies early, pick up some new new ones, and hit the grocery.

Not just any grocery, it’s called Biggs. They came into our area about the mid eighties billing themselves as HyperMarkets┬«. A combination of grocery/clothing/media/automotive/whatever place. It was a new concept then, and met with a lot of protesting as the employees were not “protected by a union.”

Hmm, this is has taken a tangent.

The most hyper thing about the Biggs in my neighborhood was the kids hopped up on sugar bouncing off the walls and filling up carts in every direction.

I got more than enough vittles to last me a few days and filled up most of my cart with juices of many varieties, bottled water, soy liquids, bacon and organic eggs.

Just popped in “About a Boy” and the water is on the stove, waiting for corn.