Brussel Sprouts

The first color colour photo I have taken of Calgary

After a gangbusters 12+ hour day behind the wheel, I rolled into Calgary early this morning. Too tired for a beer, I found a hotel and parked myself for a most fantastic sleep.

The plan was to get to Livingston (Montana) which i did in no time flat from my pitstop in Wyoming. Livingston was kinda dead. The bar I wanted to visit was closed. So I pressed on – up the off roads through Helena. I made pitstops and pulled over from time to time for photos.

The road just north of Helena to Great Falls, MT was AWESOME. I caught myself driving way under the speed limit with my mouth agape. From there, it got kinda flat until the border.

Customs was weird. Lotta running up and down steps trading notes between lovers.

I entered Canada early in the evening and immediately I was overcome with some nostalgic smell. It was odd, like barley. I wondered if it was a smell of something from my youth, something that perhaps permeated the farm. Pesticide?

Then I snapped and realized exactly what it was (in my mind at least) … Brussel Sprouts.