deep hidden vein of sadness

Doo doo doo, lookin’ out my back door. (LEFT: macro on, RIGHT: macro off)

There’s no pattern to the email I get from my personal site. Sometimes something will just show up filtered in the email box and I’ll do my best to provide a reply, if appropriate.

Content runs the gamut from asking details about some project I’ve done to a recommendation for music. I’ve had some odd flames, but no more than a handful (knock on laptop).

A long note though, ripe with detail, noting similar interests, with a large dollop of artistic ponderings showed up this morning. This part stood out:

“…for some reason, and despite all the ‘light and atmosphere’ in your work, I detected a deep hidden vein of sadness or trepidation of sorts.. although I imagine it is not obvious to most people.”

Hmmm. I thought I removed all the Cure-era photos in my goth garb. (this would be sarcasm, i don’t dress in black even though that is how i feel)

I felt oddly for a moment, re-reading that passage, getting my noggin around it.

Made me wonder, how we perceive folks online. How we may be different or alike in the flesh.

Realizing that was a big tangent, I pondered if I did indeed, have trepidation or a deep vein of hidden sadness.

I wrote back: (snip snip) “My trepidation? Still exists, but it’s part of my survival instinct and I trust it. The vein of sadness feeds into happiness; and without contrast, neither would make a good composition.”