Blurry photo of a man browsing records at a record shop


The first time I met Tom, we ate at a Deli with big hunks of bread and chatted about music. A mutual friend said we’d get along, and he was right. Years later, we still talk about music.

Getting into the work-mode today was tough. It was likely one of the nicest days of the year, yet. I was not really in the mood to focus. Tom popped online and asked if I wanted to grab a bite for lunch. Then he mentioned something about visiting Shake It records, the best independent record store in Cincinnati (they say thank you, and mean it).

Closing my laptop was easy. Ate lunch downtown around lots of suits then headed off to spend way too much on music. (Swatting my knuckles, though it’s therapeutic, so I allow it)

I’m now the proud owner of:

The New Folk Implosion CDI dig this band, we’ll see if platter this continues those feelings.
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks “Pig Lib”Previously stolen via iPod, now I legally own it…
Liam Lynch “Fake Songs”Hilarious and genius, simultaneously.
White Stripes “Elephant”Nice dirty sound from what I’ve heard…
Kristen Hersh “The Grotto”I suppose this will sound good at a mass suicide.
Toby Keith “Unleashed”Worst CD cover of 2002, “Who’s Your Daddy” makes up for it
The Polyphonic Spree “The Beginning Stages of…”Nutty. Still trying to figure this one out. Beatles+Chorale Music?

Spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping for digital cameras, eating ice cream and then back to the house to hold a baby that didn’t scream once in my arms.

Original photo edit: Tom browses wax at Shake It.