Today was a nice day. I sat on my couch with portable computer resting comfortably on a padded lapdesk my mom and brother got me for my birthday, tapped into the ‘net with a speedy wireless connection.

With legs propped up on the coffee table, my tasks were laid out before me in a convenient electronic list – shared by my co-workers (available with Instant Messaging if questions came up).

This is how I envisioned my job. I do my part, while being connected with a network of individuals I trust and respect. It’s really the utopia of work. I still like the whole human interaction thing, but when it comes down to getting something done – a quiet environment by one’s self is often preferable.

The weather outside was gray and cold. It started out raining, turned to drizzle, and by afternoon flurries were swarming around aimlessly. It was a great day for a fire.

My mom brought me over some homemade vegetable soup for lunch and a couple of oatmeal cookies.

Inbetween completed tasks, I sorted the pink Starburst from a bag and set them aside for anyone but myself.

I also played a couple levels of Metroid Prime and finally got the morph ball bomb I’ve been coveting for a few weeks.

Now, If i can get the garbage to the curb, my life will be complete – for today.