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September 14, 2004

I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

The Killers

Spent the afternoon walking along the riverside in St. Louis, looking at bridges and professional clown noses with Chad, Jim and Kevin.

It was a grand day to be outside, carrying around cameras like tourists or rock stars visiting a city. This particular district, nicely cobblestoned, is pretty much a dead zone during weekday afternoons. Apparently it's hoppin' when the twentysomethings take over on weekend nights vomiting in the streets.

The Killers put on an early show and there wasn't a bad seat place to stand in the house. They need a few more albums to provide some variety in their act, but they were good. Big hair seems to be coming back, but I suppose the days of pyrotechnics are over.

I bought a t-shirt, which I shouldn't have but can be seen in the alternate pic for the day.

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Dear chris glass,
I liked the style of this blog, and i think i wanna read more of the same. Lemme know where i can find it, when you get the chance. even if you send me an email with nothing but a url, i'll figure it out and be greatful for your help.
i'll get it if you send it to evhorrell@yahoo.com

*it'd help me out if you to put somethin like "I"ve got soul, but i'm not a souldier" in the subject line; y'know, for clarity's sake

Posted by: Evan | Oct 31, 2005 2:44:26 AM

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